5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Los Angeles Mover

 Before deciding the company that will help you with the relocation, there are 5 things to consider when hiring a Los Angeles mover.

movers company1)      Check if the mover is authorized. Many movers advertise on the internet and not all of them are licensed and some of them represent brokers or middleman.  There are ways to verify if an interstate or an intrastate mover is authorized by entering the name of the company or its USDOT (United States Department of Transportation) number on certain governmental websites.  In this way you will avoid all the inconveniences of working with an unauthorized mover.

2)      Check if there were complaints or scandals in which the mover was involved. Again, there are some governmental websites that register all the complaints submitted to movers.  Input the name of the company or its USDOT number and run a search. If there are too many complaints or unpleasant events, maybe you should avoid that mover.

3)      If you are moving in another state, check if the mover provides long distance services.  Usually this service is designated by the term of “van line” on the website of movers.  For this type of job, mover is required to have large semi-trucks.  The moving company can either form a partnership with a specific band lime or have its own trucks, working independently.

4)      Talk with the mover about their fees.  Pricing is affected by distance. Interstate relocation is usually charged by labor hours, while long distance interstate relocations are charged by the pound and international movers charge you by volume, more exactly by cubic feet.  Just make sure you understand all the fees and check the contract carefully.  Look for hidden fees or conditions that will make the mover overcharge you.

5)      Movers should be able to provide some written materials about them. They must tell you if they are brokers/middlemen.  Usually they also provide U.S. DOT publication “Your Rights and Responsibilities when you move”.  Ask them for telephone number, e-mail and other details contacts. Also check if they present their USDOT number of their advertisements.

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