5 Ways to Cut Costs on Moving Supplies!

Los Angeles moving companies are some of the best and they all provide top quality services. Besides hiring a good mover that offers low cost services, there are at least 5 ways to cut costs on relocation, especially on moving supplies:

  • Use original boxes. Having the original boxes for many items ensures that you will get a cheaper move. You no longer have to order new boxes from the manufacturer or to search for appropriate boxes on the moving supplies stores. Original boxes also come with certain cushioning or packing materials: foam, packing peanuts or bubble wrap. Again, you will reduce the cost of the move by having those items. l-2
  • Repurpose old clothes towels and fabrics. If you no longer use them, instead of getting rid of them, you can use them as protective materials. It is very cost effective. Being innovative and smart is a key for succeeding in life. Transforming an old and useless thing in something really useful is a remarkable display of skills and wits.
  • You can get free or very cheap boxes if you know where to look. Big brands like Starbucks, McDonalds or Pizza Hut regularly ship products to their local stores. And if you live in a big city, rest assure, the demand is pretty high. So, the number of boxes with various contents is pretty high. You can talk with a seller or the manager of such store and see if they want to give you the boxes freely or for a cheap price.
  • If you can, move on holidays. Almost nobody wants to ruin a holiday with a relocation project. Spending time with family is more important. So, moving companies do not have too much to work on this time. Usually they have promotional offers and discounts in order to attract more people.
  • Compare the prices of moving company. If you decided to hire a mover, we recommend you to compare prices first and ask more info about pricing.

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