Los Angeles Commercial Movers Offer Packing Services!

Relocating a company is a very risky operation and it takes huge human resources and logistic equipment. This sort of operations must be handled by professional office and commercial movers.  The key to a successful move is to hire a reliable mover and form a tight collaboration. The moving company will send workers, supervisors and people that will plan the moving strategy, but they must know what they will be moving, in order to carefully … Continue reading >>>

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3 Reasons to Call Office Movers Los Angeles!

 When a company must move its headquarters or production equipment, office movers must be hired.  We present you 3 reasons to call office movers Los Angeles provides. 1)     Specialized office movers provide a secured and organized move.  Clearly there is a huge difference between a household relocation and office relocation.  So, do not hire unspecialized companies that will treat the relocation like an ordinary household move, this will only produce disorder and will delay all … Continue reading >>>

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5 Things to Consider When Hiring a Los Angeles Mover

 Before deciding the company that will help you with the relocation, there are 5 things to consider when hiring a Los Angeles mover. 1)      Check if the mover is authorized. Many movers advertise on the internet and not all of them are licensed and some of them represent brokers or middleman.  There are ways to verify if an interstate or an intrastate mover is authorized by entering the name of the company or its USDOT … Continue reading >>>

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How To Safely Move Computers For Your Los Angeles Commercial Move

If you have a commercial move coming up in Los Angeles, one of the most fragile and expensive items you will need to move are electronics. Computers, whether laptops or desktops, are one of the trickiest items to move. Here’s a helpful guide from about the easiest and safest ways to move a computer. “* Take your computer apart by first making sure the power is off, both the monitor and the box and … Continue reading >>>

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How to Move a Refrigerator for Your Los Angeles Commercial Move

When planning for a commercial move in Los Angeles, it’s important to survey all the items that you need to relocate. You may account for desks, chairs and electronics, but have you considered your kitchen area? If you are trying to move yourself, here is a helpful guide on how to move a refrigerator from Step 1: Gather Supplies Large moving dolly Rope or strong cord and/or moving straps Cleaning supplies Plain paper or … Continue reading >>>

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Common Moving Mistakes When Planning For a Los Angeles Move

Every day we speak to clients, and hear their stories about things they wished they knew when planning for the Los Angeles move. Some of our clients move for the first time, or others move every few years, but each move is a new experience with new lessons. We try and give as much of our own experience and advice over the phone as we can, but we recently came upon this great blog, which … Continue reading >>>

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Checklist for Commercial Movers in Los Angeles

If you are planning for a commercial move, you want to have a checklist ready. provides a great list to follow. Step-by-step commercial moving checklist : Moving business – step 1 Have a planning meeting with key staff and assign duties. Go over the floor plan of new space, take measurements of shelving, cubicles, desks, etc. Begin to get moving quotes from commercial movers in your area. If need be, hire business relocation consultant. Many commercial moving … Continue reading >>>

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Los Angeles Commercial Movers Now Provides Boxes

Did you think that you were fully prepared and ready to move your office, only to find out that you’ve run out of boxes on the day of your move? Don’t worry, movers Los Angeles has got you covered! Los Angeles Commercial movers now provides boxes on the day of your move. We have small, medium and large boxes that are available to purchase right in our truck!               … Continue reading >>>

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Importance of Purchasing Moving Insurance

Don’t let this be you! Items damaged during your move? Found out that moving companies only provide basic move insurance? Don’t be the person that finds out this info when it’s too late! Purchase additional moving insurance to protect your belongings!   For more information, visit      

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Employees are Not Professional Movers

Don’t make your employees pack and move their belongings at the last minute because you forgot to hire professional movers. Plan ahead and find reliable office movers in LA. Visit us here.

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