Cheapest Moving Days for Your Los Angeles Office Move

When planning for an office move in LA, there are some tips that can help you have a smooth and successful move. Read below and implement these suggestions in order to keep your commercial move affordable and timely.

Best and cheapest moving days

Office movers in Los Angeles are always the safest bet when choosing how to move your office or commercial space. However, when booking a moving company, you need to be aware that there are days and times of the year which are more popular, such as weekends and the beginning and end of every month. Many companies want to move on a Friday, for example, which would give them two full days to unpack before Monday morning, minimizing downtime. Or other firms move when their lease expires, which is usually the last day of the month. Therefore, if you want to move during those times, you will need to give commercial movers Los Angeles plenty of notice to ensure a spot for your move.

A good tip for saving money is asking the moving company if there are days where they can provide a discount. Moving companies usually provide cheaper prices for less popular days of the month to move.

IT Issues

Technical issues can be avoided if you prepare beforehand. Don’t just ask your staff to disconnect their phones and computers, and then attempt to reconnect them in the new location. Also, don’t assume that movers are the best choice for this job. Make sure to hire professional IT consultants, if you don’t have them on your staff already, to take care of all the technical matters. Moving electronics is not as simple as just unplugging them, there are also WiFi connections, networks, power cables, and other things to consider.

If you do need the movers to move electronics, once disconnected, make sure to let the company know beforehand so they can prepare the right supplies to move them.


It is imperative to find out if the moving company you choose for your commercial move is insured. However, just knowing that the company is insured is not enough. Find out details about the insurance, such as coverage limits, deductibles, etc. The insurance the movers offer may not be enough to cover your office belongings. In that case, you may consider purchasing additional moving insurance. This additional moving insurance can usually be purchased directly from the moving company, or you can research and find one on your own.

Remember, the more time you devote to doing things the proper way before and during your move, the less issues you will face after your move.

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