How To Pack Furniture For an Office Move

Moving an office is totally different from relocating a house. It requires more commitment, attention and it implies a higher amount of relocation knowledge.  This is why any business owner should rely on professional Los Angeles business movers.  Check this blog post to find out the best techniques and tips on how to pack furniture for an office move.

Los Angeles Commercial Movers

Los Angeles Commercial Movers

A day or two before moving day, provide each employee with a carton to pack his or her desk or cubicle contents. Your employees should remove all contents from their desks and pack them in the moving cartons, carefully wrapping fragile items. If possible, they can combine office belongings with those of other employees being relocated in the immediate area at the new location to save carton space. Place small items such as pens and paper clips in envelop and put the envelopes in the carton.

Tell your staffs to take any personal possessions with them rather than include them in the office move. It will free up the space and make moving process much faster.

In most cases, upright file cabinets can be moved with contents intact, but someone should remove contents of lateral cabinets and pack in cartons designed for files. Unbolt any file cabinets that are gang bolted together. Files will be moved in an upright position and can be locked if unbolting is completed.

Remove and pack all contents from supply cabinets. Lock, tape, or tie cabinet doors closed.

Remove all books from bookcases and pack the books in a carton, standing on their ends.

Complete all packing before moving day. Only personnel directly involved with the move should be present on moving day.  When movers arrive, make sure to provide all the relevant data regarding box labeling and content.

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