LA Movers Can Help You Move a Warehouse!

Moving a warehouse is a maximum priority project which must be done by professional moving workers.  Depending on the size of the warehouse, you will need to allocate a day or a couple of days. Relocating the warehouse must not affect the customer service level.

storage unit 22This complicated operation requires detailed ahead planning and sufficient moving materials. Do not work with untrained personnel. LA movers can help you move a warehouse. Contact a moving company that has experience in relocating warehouses. Since proper inspection and evaluation will be needed, we recommend you to contact the company with at least one month in advance.

The first thing you should do is to evaluate the layout of the facility and if it must be adapted once you finish the move. Draw the map of the warehouse and define external and internal circulation paths.  Try to optimize the space as much as you can. Once you know how the new warehouse will look like, you will need to prepare everything.

You will need to buy specific moving materials and equipment: dynamic shelves, storage cupboards, boxes, crates, baskets, etc. Make a list with all the items in the storage that must be moved and immediately after that, a list with moving supplies. Be sure to have a surplus of supply, just in case you will need an extra box or two.  Talk with the mover and evaluate how much time will be needed to complete all operations.

Also ask how many trucks will be at your disposal.  Based on the information supplied by the mover, you will have to choose if you adopt a short time moving strategy or a long time moving strategy. In the first case, you will focus on quickly moving all the items to the new location and the customer service will be suspended during this time. In the second case, the service to customers is maintained during the move.

If you want fast and safe warehouse relocation, contact our company.