Los Angeles Moving Services

Los Angeles Commercial Movers, owned and operated by Melrose Moving, Inc., is your one-stop destination for all your moving needs. Our friendly and professional movers offer packing and moving services for your residential and commercial move.

When it comes to moving, our company has three goals in mind: affordability, efficiency, and speed. We offer low prices to help our customers afford to hire professional movers. Additionally, we never have any hidden fees, and no unpleasant surprises at the end of the job. We pride ourselves on efficiency; we do everything possible before and during the move to make it proceed as smoothly as possible. Finally, we are always aware that you want to move quickly, so we train our movers to pack and move in a timely manner, which allows you to move into your new space, and start your new life.

For information and prices on our moving and packing servicesĀ in Los Angeles, visit our website or Call Us Today!