Los Angeles Office Movers

Los Angeles Commercial Movers, owned and operated by Melrose Moving, Inc. is the preferred moving company of many of Los Angeles’ businesses! We specialize in moving commercial spaces: offices, warehouses, stores, doctor’s offices, hotels, construction sites, etc. One phone call to our friendly customer service representatives is all you need to set up your entire moving process.

Los Angeles Commercial Movers is licensed and insured. We provide liability, worker’s comp, and cargo insurance to protect your company’s expensive and fragile equipment. We are rated A by the Better Business Bureau (BBB) because of our hard work and reliability.

We provide free, non-binding moving estimates, and work with you on setting up a moving plan to relocate your office in the quickest and most efficient manner possible. We provide our own packing supplies, and can pack your entire commercial space so you don’t have to. We can move electrical equipment, medical equipment, clothing racks, window displays, take down and put up cubicles, move filing cabinets, etc.

Call us today for a free quote for your commercial move in Los Angeles!