How to Make an “Open First” Box

vnxe3100_09Making an “open first” box is very important for a successful relocation. Remember that packing your things and transporting them to the new destination is just the first part. You will also need to unpack and live for a night in your new, unfurnished home.

Los Angeles movers can help you pack and move your items, but you should also have an “open first” box ready. This box will contain everything you need to “survive” an entire night in comfortable conditions.

The box

Let’s start with the box itself. How big should it be? Where should you keep it? When should you open it? These are all important questions. Let’s examine them!

  • Size: the box should not be too big, nor too small. Think of a box that is big enough to store some clothes, hygiene products and food. It should be larger than your average show box, but at the same time, not too big.
  • Location: you need the box for easy access. It is recommended to keep it with you or on top of the pile of your packed objects
  • When to open: when you arrive. It should be, as the name suggests, the first thing you unpack.

The contents

  • Hygiene products. A good “open first” box will always have some hygiene products. You will need soap, shampoo and maybe shower gel. Everything you need to enjoy a good and well worth shower in your new home. Oh, and do not forget to bring a towel!
  • Food. If you do not go out to eat, you should pack a dinner. Pack something solid, like stake or some stew. Remember that you will not have the time of the energy to cook something.
  • Clothes. You will need a new set of clothes to change in and something to sleep in.
  • Entertainment. Without a good book, an MP3 player and a tablet, things can get dull and depressing. When you move, depressing is the last thing you want.

Follow these tips and you will make the best “open first” box! Visit us for more information and information about moving services in Los Angeles.