Moving Into a Highrise Building in Los Angeles

Moving is often difficult, but when it comes to moving into a high-rise building, things can get even more tricky. Careful planning is required to prepare for a successful move.  No matter what high-rise building you are moving into, be prepared to face new challenges along the way.

First of all, keep in mind that high-rise buildings have limited room and means of access for moving.  In addition, they usually have strict rules for tenants and LA commercial movers.  At least one month before your moving date, speak to the property manager of your building, and inform him or her that you are moving. Find if there are any restrictions on days and times that you are allowed to move in, and then hire Los Angeles relocation services to do the job, informing them of any restrictions.

Ask the property management office if they need any certificates of insurance from the moving company. Often, they will require them, and you will have to ask the movers to provide certificates, and then get them approved by the building. To see if your preferred moving company is insured, simply log onto the Public Utility Commission’s (PUC’s) website here.

Moving usually takes a lot longer when it comes to a high-rise building.  One thing you should remember is that it takes numerous trips up and down the elevator. Find out how many elevators are in your building and whether they are available for the movers to use. Speak to your property manager regarding the possibility of reserving a freight elevator for the duration of your move. These elevators are usually much larger than regular ones, allowing big pieces of furniture to easily fit inside. Also, by reserving the elevator, you will make sure that only you have access to it, saving you time by not having to weight for your neighbors.

Remember, the more planned out your move into a highrise is beforehand, the easier and faster it will proceed on moving day.