Moving Myths UncoveredI

If you are planning a commercial move in Los Angeles, chances are that while researching a moving company you have heard a lot of advice and stories from people you know that have moved in the past. Some of the stories may be positive, but some may be negative. After all, moving in Los Angeles is often stressful, and many moving companies do leave clients with a negative experience. However, there are many moving myths out there that are simply not true! Los Angeles office movers wants to uncover moving myths today.

Myth #1 – All boxes must be packed before movers arrive

Most office movers will be happy to sell moving boxes and other supplies to you during the move. This is very convenient for any last minute wrapping or packing that you may still need on the day of the move. Just ask in advance to make sure the movers you chose are a full service moving company, and are willing to pack for you.

Myth #2 – Any kind of box will do for packing

Many people not experienced with moving often believe that any box can be used for packing. However, that is a myth. Feel free to try and carry a heavy load of books in a second hand box that your friend got from the grocery store. It won’t take long before that box comes apart, and all the contents inside spill out. Moving boxes are designed to be tough and hold a heavy load, so they are worth the price.

Myth #3 – Labeling boxes takes too much time and is not necessary

The little bit of time it requires to label your boxes clearly when packing will save you countless hours when unpacking. You know time is money when it comes to a commercial move, and nothing is worse than not being able to find items in a workplace. Plus, it will help movers place the boxes in the right room or office to make it easier for everyone.

Myth #4 – All moving companies are licensed

Just because the office movers in Los Angeles that you want to choose seems like a legit company, does not mean they are licensed. Any regular Joe can buy a moving truck and create a good looking website. To check a moving company’s credentials, visit the Public Utility Commission (PUC) and look up the name of the company.

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