Tips for Moving a Commercial Office in Los Angeles

Any move is stressful. When Americans were polled about moving, they said that it was one of the most nerve-wrecking events after death or divorce. However, a commercial move does not need to be filled with stress, not if you follow these easy tips.
Set and follow a firm schedule
Pick a moving date, and figure out how long you and your staff will need to pack everything up. Let the staff know exactly what they need to do and when. Confusion always leads to a loss in productivity, so write out dates and times for packing up workstations and personal belongings before the actual move. Clearly state when you expect everyone to be settled in the new office space and get back at work.
Buy proper supplies and labels

Office equipment is often expensive and heavy. Don’t skimp on buying proper moving supplies. You will need to visit your local moving supply store and buy boxes, bubble wrap, shrink wrap, pads, computer boxes, etc. Consult with the store salesperson to see what your office will need.

Labels are essential to be able to know which box belongs to which employee. If you are hiring  Los Angeles commercial movers, they will need to know which piece of equipment needs to go where. Each box should be labeled with the contents and location, example ‘monitor, CEO’s office.’

Keep track of security risks.

The contents of the office safe, sensitive documents, credit card details, and other high value items should be moved separately.  Assign a manager, and make these boxes his/her personal responsibility, or handle it yourself.

Los Angeles Commercial Movers

Map out the new area.

Make sure that everyone and everything in the old office has a place in the new one. Offices and workstation spaces should be assigned well before the move. Decide where photocopying facilities and filing cabinets will go, otherwise you will waste time by changing around the layout of the new area. Making and distributing a map also makes it clear to staff where they and their equipment will need to go.

Remember that you do not have to do any of this if you don’t want to. You can always hire Los Angeles business movers to do the full packing and moving for your and your staff.For more info, check out Los Angeles Commercial Movers.